What we do

Bidsted & Co. A/S is a strong drycargo brokerage business, driven by client services and customer relation­ship manage­ment. Simple.

Everyone at Bidsted is dedicated to deliv­er­ing compe­tence and oppor­tu­ni­ties to our customers. We are fully aware and reassured daily that only through a deep under­stand­ing for shipping and service, and proper attitude towards our day-to-day business dealings, we are awarded with satisfied and loyal customers who may become our ambas­sadors and vice versa.

Through­out our 75+ years of business, our approach and philos­o­phy has proven to be success­ful, and we are certain that this straight forward formula will stand the test of time. Bidsted is a dedicated drycargo house. We deliver a solid charter­ing coverage. Our predom­i­nant focus is all deep sea markets from conven­tion­al handysize to panamax over to special­ized multi­pur­pose & project cargo. The vector we focus on is the Far Eastern and Conti­nen­tal operator/owner community and indus­tri­als, mineral/agri traders on conti­nen­tal Europe and the US.

Bidsted & Co. A/S is headed up by Managing Director and Partner, Carsten Munk Jensen.