Are you our next trainee?

On becoming a profes­sion­al Shipbro­ker at Bidsted, one may jump start by joining as a Shipping Trainee.

The education is formally regulated and endorsed by the Danish Shipping Academy. This 2 years programme exposes the trainee to a formi­da­ble case experi­ence – a high level balance between theory and practice. At Bidsted you are assigned to the Danish Shipping Academy and here you will join some 30 other trainees from the Danish maritime sector and will be joined together in a brand mix of classes, cases, learning experi­ence and ultimate­ly final exams and gradu­a­tion.

There is a pre-course module after which all trainees commence learning at the Danish Shipping Academy´s campus in Copen­hagen. As you will be attending school after working hours, you will contin­u­ous­ly apply learning in actual ‘on the job´situations at the office, feeding in to an exponen­tial learning-curve. During the course of the programme, the trainee will rotate through two or more depart­ments at the workplace. It´s customary that the trainee will work in a commer­cial / core position and one to two auxiliary positions – e.g. opera­tions, account­ing or the like.

It is imper­a­tive that all rotations will be taken seriously as all functions in a company are relevant to the company´s delivery of services to its customers and ultimate­ly to its economic destiny.

During the trainee­ship, the company will encourage and occasion­al­ly, finan­cial­ly support enrolling in to Copen­hagen Business School for a Certifi­cate in Business (HD). Upon gradu­a­tion, Bidsted will custom­ar­i­ly offer the trainee a relevant position and encour­ag­ing profes­sion­al and academic prospects.

For further infor­ma­tion about being a Trainee at Bidsted, contact HR@BIDSTED.DK